Covid-19 Awareness

Like you, we are making sure our team and clients are safe and feel comfortable during this time. 

For video: Each client has different needs and has a special story to tell.

Please contact us for a personalized and custom quote.

Our Approch to Photography

FIRST, we listen... 

We start with a thorough & succinct conversation so that we can get to know you more deeply as a person, your thoughts, fears, goals, dreams, stories from your childhood and early adulthood, your passions, and of course... what super power you wish you had! ;)  

We are not concerned about your business as it is right now. What we care about is who you ARE, & where you SEE  yourself and your business to be in 1 year!


Right after that we send you a short questionnaire to get to know your business so that at our next meeting all the relevant information is present.  Our clients have often given us the feedback that this questionnaire was one of the most impactful parts because of the depth of the questions asked. 

SECOND: Together we plan...

Every image or video MAKES someone experience one-to-four of these things:  

  • THINK something 

  • FEEL something 

  • SAY something 

  • DO something 

Together we will go through all your outcomes, location desires, and create the plan for your desired video or images to make your potential clients Think, Feel, Say, or Do exactly what you want!

During this process and moving forward from here, these are some of our commitments to you: 

  • Creating a safe space for you to express

  • Interacting with full integrity in word and deed

  • Being focused on your specific outcomes

  • Delivering the highest quality images and videos 

  • Using the highest professional grade lighting and camera equipment 

  • Honest with you - how you look to what may be best for your outcomes in a direct yet soft way. 

  • Creating content that add value and money to you and your business 

  • Only hiring the best team members who also hold these commitments 


We are very serious about your outcomes for this project… and yet you will discover our team often does not go about it in a serious way!  ;) 

When meet on phone or in person, you’ll very quickly learn that we are all about fun and play… and that’s definitely Andrews special gift.

We create a space that allows you to come and play as well, so that on the day of your photo or video shoot, you are already comfortable with us and get to relax and play into the process.

Because of this, everything will feel AND look better! 

Photo Branding Services

All our Photo branding packages include:

  • Unlimited outfit changes

  • Unlimited locations (Time permitting)

  • All great images delivered, no limit, all with light retouching

** Hair and Makeup resources can be provided upon request 


***We travel all over the united states & world for all your needs, not just branding. Ask us about our travel schedule. (Yes, even during Covid)  


8 hours

You need it all: massive library of images, multiple hero shots, three to five locations, and all the bells and whistles... bring on the big guns, because you’re doing a FULL rebrand!  



4 hours

You have either have an established brand, or are just getting started.

This will create some fantastic hero photos as well as a nice library of images that you can use for marketing and social media! 



per Hour

Whether you only need a few high quality in studio images or to just update your headshot, book cover, or dating profile. 

This is a great option for any budget and need.  



Because you're sexy and want to show it, thats why! 

We take special pride in our Boudoir photo and video work, and our clients privacy and feeling safe is our highest priority. 

Each session is sacred, and because of this they price differently, please call us to discuss your needs and we can work together to create the perfect experience tailored just for you.

Call for pricing

More Services


Everything from commercials, interviews, big brand marketing (and small brands), testimonials, to recording your online course... you name it and we have done it.

Each video project is very special and requires detailed attention, that's why you choose us. 

Call us, lets talk about your outcomes. 

Call for Pricing


30 min session

Corporate headshots, school photos, or a new headshot for acting... we got you covered. 

Pssst!  Hey actors...

our photos BOOK. ;) Just sayin.