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The Million Dollar Hook

Although I didn’t say if that’s what you made, or if that's what it cost you.

What if I told you that you should always have dessert before your dinner? Well that's exactly what a great Hook in your content is.

Giving your audience the punchline before the joke might seem counterintuitive to traditional marketing and storytelling tactics, but in a digital world, where we have 2 seconds to captivate… and if there's one thing I've learned from producing over 1500 social media shorts in the last year, it's this:

The Money Is In Your Hook!

Why Those First Moments are Everything

As they are scrolling, a video has about two seconds to captivate your potential audience. Fail to do so, and it's lost in the abyss of endless content. That's why, when crafting a video, a lion's share of the planning should focus on those first few seconds. Nail the hook, and you've got an engaged viewer. Miss the mark, and well, all the time and money you've put into that marketing piece has now been wasted.

Congratulations on losing money. -_-

The Anatomy of a Potent Hook

“Okay Andrew, I hear you… so how about you tell me HOW to do this better!”

Right then, let's look at what makes a hook.

It's more than just a flashy start. It's a potent blend of intrigue, surprise, and resonance. It's about hitting the right notes, challenging the norm, and offering a fresh perspective that makes the viewer pause and think, "I need to see/know more."

Play on the human need to know more, their morbid curiosity… let them kill the cat!

Bonus point #1: Make it personal. One of the best things I've seen is to use “you, your, or you’re” in the first few seconds. It just works.

Bonus point #2: Give them a reason to wait till the end “... the last one will surprise you” “Wait for it..” (Note: these don't work for all content, test to see if it fits what you're sharing)

Crafting That Perfect Hook: Tips to Remember

  • Address Pain Points: Understand your audience's challenges and offer a fresh perspective.

    • "Ever wish your clients’ ‘aha’ moments came easier? The key is simpler than you think..."

    • "Feel like you're talking to a wall? Spoiler: You are…"

    • “Overnight, my business lost everything…”

  • Be Unexpected: Challenge the status quo. Make them think.

    • "Fluff's for pillows, not for content. Here is why you don't even realize you are losing clients… "

    • "Be honest, you have no idea what you're doing… ."

    • “If you throw a bus at a hamster it might look like a three… “

  • Keep It Concise: Clarity is key. Make every word count.

    • "Your motivation sucks because you forgot about this one thing… "

    • “I ditched the script, and tripled my profit..."

    • “You're going to fail if you're not doing these 4 things…”

  • Stimulate Curiosity: Tease just enough to keep them hooked.

    • "Ever thought your ambition might be a con artist?"

    • "Success whispered a secret in my ear. Wanna hear it?"

    • “Why do I give away 10k a month?”

  • Stay Authentic: Let genuine passion and expertise shine through.

    • "Your ‘best life’ doesn’t give a damn about your plans!"

    • "Do you know the magic word in an offer to always elicit a “yes”?”

    • “Stop calling yourself an expert, there are better words to use…”

  • Get to the Point: Dive straight into the meat of the content. No fluff, no introductions. Time is of the essence.

    • "Success is a liar. The last secret i'm about to share changed my life"

    • “Your ideal client is not who you think it is..”

    • “You're a bad parent…”

Use the natural human tendencies to your advantage. Play off emotion and be entertaining. You know what works in marketing, so just consider a hook your entire 30 seconds pitch that you have to nail in just 2 seconds!

Because I am behind the scenes full time, helping produce content that resonates and converts, I've seen firsthand the transformative power of a well-crafted hook.

I have also watched businesses' content absolutely tank because they refused to capitalize on those first few seconds.

So, whether you're a coach looking to inspire, or a business aiming to captivate, remember this: The first 2 seconds will make (or break) your opportunity for attention.

People's attention is now the most valuable currency, invest your 2 seconds wisely!

Thank you for reading!

Be well,


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