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Boost Your Brand with High-Impact Sales, Promotional, and Sizzle Videos



In a world where attention spans are shrinking, making a lasting impression on your audience is crucial. Red5 Productions specializes in crafting unforgettable sales, promotional, and sizzle videos that grab attention, drive conversions, and elevate your brand's presence across industries – from B2B and B2C to e-commerce, commercials, web ads, and print ads.

Garmin - Edge 1040

Our impressive portfolio includes high-profile projects such as full-length commercials for Garmin, launching three clothing brands, and producing numerous sizzle reels and recap videos for product launches. Our videos combine masterful storytelling with valuable content, creating a captivating experience that resonates with viewers and keeps them engaged.

Rich Nuts 

Our secret to success lies in meticulous pre-planning and preparation. We invest time in storyboarding, engaging in comprehensive discussions with clients and their teams, and proactively solving problems before they arise. This attention to detail ensures a smooth, efficient experience from the moment we step on set.

Retreat Recap (Sizzle) 

"Andrew and his team created an incredible sizzle reel for my women's retreats. I already knew Andrew's photography work to be phenomenal, but I was truly brought to tears by how expertly he and his team captured the essence of my retreat in two short minutes. The professional quality of the video is second only (by a hair) to the quality of the editing work. They told a truly beautiful and emotionally powerful visual story about what it's like to attend one of my retreats. Highly recommend booking RED5 for your upcoming video project!"

Jennifer Wreyford 

What truly sets Red5 Productions apart is our extraordinary team. Our talented professionals bring a unique combination of skill, passion, and exceptional character to every project. We're renowned for our speed and quality – planning and executing shoots in record time and delivering rapid edits without sacrificing excellence.

The Ultimate Contour 

Choose Red5 Productions for your sales, promotional, and sizzle videos, and let us propel your brand to new heights with our unmatched blend of creativity, speed, and quality. Make a lasting impact on your audience and see your business soar.

Wealth Coach Academy

"What I can tell you about Andrew is he's an Expert. Not just in video, not just in editing, but Quality work!

By the time Andrew showed up to help with my event we were so relived because he just started handling things. 
Andrew is the guy you want on your team when you have any type of production. 
And the results speak for themselves!"

Vanessa Simpkins 

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