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The Balance of Giving: How to Serve Others While Prioritizing Self

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Ever heard the saying, "Give from your saucer, not from your cup?" It's a gem I've been using for over a decade now and it's become a main philosophy in my daily life.

Let's dive into this together. When we're always giving to others from our own cup, it's like we're pouring out our very essence. Picture it: a cup pouring itself out. It has to tilt, bend, and compromise its stance just to give to another upright cup. It's a beautiful act, but what's the cost?

Your cup is filled with the essence of you: your energy, love, time, resources, and so much more. Emptying it might fill someone else's, but at what cost to you? But here's a twist: if we keep our own cup overflowing, we can share the surplus that spills over into our saucer. This way, we remain upright, full, and still have plenty to give.

Relationship Real Talk: In my world, relationships, especially romantic ones, are a dance of give and take. It's not just about ensuring my partner has what they need to keep their cup full, but also understanding the rhythm of when to step in and when to step back.

I consider it my job to ensure my partner has what they need to keep their cup full. But here's the kicker: it's not about me filling their cup. It's about creating space for them to do it themselves.

If I see their cup running low, I'll chime in, "Hey, I see you. What can I do for you to help create the space you need to refill your cup?"

It's not about carrying their load but about being their pit-stop. And in turn, when my cup's running low, knowing they've got my back? That's the magic of partnership.

The How-To Magic: So, how do we keep our cup overflowing? Here's the game plan:

  1. Recognize & Reflect: Understand the concept of giving from your saucer. It's a mindset shift.

  2. List It Down: Identify what fills your cup. Is it a serene walk in nature? A gripping book by the fireplace? Or perhaps it's a deep chat with a dear friend? Jot these down. Ask Around: Heck, ask your close ones what they think fills your cup. You might be surprised by their insights.

  3. Stay Alert: Be aware when you're running on fumes. Recognize the signs.

  4. Dive In: When you feel drained, don't wait. Dive into those moments that refuel you.

I'm all about lifting others up, but to truly shine in that, I've got to be at my best. Imagine a world where we're all brimming with abundance, sharing our surplus, and elevating one another. Sounds dreamy, right?

Thanks for taking this journey with me. Remember, keep that cup full, share the overflow, and let's make the world a brighter place together.

I love you,


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